Tom Pantyperan Tribute

It was with great sadness that news was received last week of the passing of former Bow Street FC manager Tom Hughes, or “Tom Pantyperan” as everybody knew him. Tom was appointed to manage the Club’s Reserves in 1985, and was responsible for establishing a competitive team of local talent. Despite having to promote some of his strongest players to the first team, Tom managed to steer the Seconds to several unexpected victories during his time in charge. As a result of his enthusiasm and determination he was appointed Bow Street FC 1st Team Manager, and went on to win the Aberystwyth and District League Cup in 1989.

There is a generation of middle-aged men in Bow Street who are grateful to Tom for their first opportunity to play for their village, and to experience the happy atmosphere and wonderful team spirit that flourished under the straight-talking and joyful manager. They owe a great debt of gratitude to one of the most genuine and likable characters in grassroots football, Tom Pantyperan.

Members of Bow Street Football Club would like to extend their deepest condolences to his family.